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MBISS.MBPIS.AM.CAN.FIN.CH.Reddenblu's X File Agent TT HT

It's Been hard to keep our very special agent,Mulder, a secret!!
Mulder's overall balance and type, including such rarities as proper shoulder angulation
and solid topline, contribute to his eye-catching, effortless movement.
He backs this up with full dentition, herding ability, proper size, a gorgeous double coat
and that full and flashy tail!!! He is an extraordinary companion, a master enforcer of all
rules and regulations, and king of the high jump. Imagine all that in one package!
Mulder came off of a year in 2004 where he won more group 1st than any other ACD in
the country. Ranking #1 in America.
He was already a multiple specialty winner and the NumberOne ACD  several years
running in Canada.
Many special THANK YOUs to Joyce Rowland Mulder's Owner and Mr. Kim Griffith
PHA Mulder's pal and handler, the driving force behind Mulder's American success.
Mulder is back home after Ranking #1 ACD for 2 yrs in America..#1 for 2003 and 2004.
Enjoying the retirement life back in Canada , his native land!
He's a very loving/special boy- and we are tickled to have him back home to share his
warmth and love with us!


1 ACD In Canada 1998, 2000, 2001
*2000- ACDAEC Best in Specialty Show Winner
*2001-  Canada's  Top ACD Group 1st winner
*2001- ACDAEC Best In Specialty Winner
*2003- America's Top Group 1st winning ACD
*2004- America's Top Group 1st winning ACD
*2004- American
Regional  Best In Specialty Show Winner
*2005- Awarded Best of the Best Of Breed Pedigree Award for 2004
*2006-European winner 2006, Best of Breed in Helsinki Finland at the
European winner dog show. Awarded his Finnish Championship- and award of
*00' Herding titled
*99' Temperament Tested : Passed in police Dog style testi








Matka / Mother

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