24.7.  Q litter has Baer tests - All litter is Bilateral hearing :-)


23.7.  Frankie ( Jch. Reddenblu´s Top of The World)  has fist exam - ZOP - result - exellent :-)



15.7.  National dog show Mladá Boleslav
Autralian cattle dog
Judge: V. Javorčík (SK)
Frankie (JCh. Reddenblu´s Top of The World - Ex. 1 CAC


2.7.  National dog show Klatovy
Australian cattle dog - judge: Paul Lawless (IRL)
Males/ intermedial class: our "Frankie" Jch. Reddenblu´s Top of The Word - Ex. 1 CAC, National winner, CAC ČMKU, BOB  :-) Finished Club Junior champion :-)
Males/ open class - Lenny Kravitz Kazari Toyo - Ken  - Ex.1 CAC - congratulations to owner. Abele Ulf  :-)





17.6.  Special dog show KHCMPP

Australian cattle dog, judge: Dick Baars (NL)

males/young class: Page Jimmy Kazari Toyo - Ken - Ex. 1 CAJC, owner: Zdeněk Vošlajer,
males/intermedial class - our "Frankie" - Reddenblu´s Top of The World - Ex. 1 CAC - finished Czech junior champion :-)
females/veteran classs: Our "Cara" - Ich. Multich. Cara Mia Kazari Toyo - Ken - Ex. BOC



16.6. New photos of puppies (Q litter) in Actual littes



15.4. CACIB Expo Prague
Australian cattle dog
males/junior class - our Frankie :-) Reddenblu´s Top of The World - Ex. 1 CAJC + BOJ
males/ intermedial class - Neo Kazari Toyo - Ken - Ex. 1 CAC - congratulations !


8.4.  CACIB dog show  Chemnitz (Germany)

Australian cattle dog
Our Frankie was first time in intermedial class :-)
Reddenblu´s Top of The World - Ex. 1 CAC VDH





5.3. CACIB dog show Beograd (Serbia)

Australian cattle dogs

 Our "Frankie" was excellent :-) Reddenblu´s Top Of The World - Ex. 1 CAJC, BOJ, BOB :-)  We are happy :-)

Was here  Ohio Kazari Toyo - Ken "Lana" too - owner: Branko Milenkovic (Srb.) - Ex. 1 CAJC. - congratulations!

Border collie

in intermedial class was our "Ike" Jch. Aspire Ike Legemond - Ex. 1 CAC, res. CACIB




4.2. DUO CACIB Brno
Our Frankie (Reddenblu´s Top Of The World) on his first dog show. Joung class: Ex. 2.

5.2. DUO CACIB Brno

Joung class Ex. 1 CAJC, BOJ :-) We are happy :-)




31.1.  Today we have DNA results from Genomia. We are happy :-)  Reddenblu´s Top Of The World "Frankie" - DNA PRA prcd N/N (normal) and DNA PLL  N/N  :-)


22.1.    Ich. Multich. Charlie Wats Kazari Toyo - Ken "Joey" .Fotka uživatele Sonsoles Hevia. Joey has new championat Congratulations owners  Sonsoles Hevia and Sara Caballero in Spain.  He is Ch. Ch. Spain, Ch. Portugal, Ch. Gibraltar, Ch. Luxembourg, Ch. France and now International champion too.


16.1.  Our Franike has x- ray:-) Reddenblu´s Top Of The World - HD A 0/0, ED 0/1, SA 0 (DISH negative)



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