23.12. PF from you are here

12.12. Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken is PRA DNA normal (pattern A) :-))

 6.12. IHA Wels - Bruni Kazari Toyo- Ken- Jugendklasse V1 Jugendbeste- Bruni finished Austria Junior champion :-)))

Congratulations to owners Ilse Sadleder  and Dagmar Haidinger !!! We are soooo happy :-))))))


17.11. Aimme Kazari Toyo- Ken (Tabita) has exam BH. Congratulations!

15.11. CACIB Prague

Males/puppy clas- Calvin Clein Kazari Toyo- Ken- very promissing 1

Males/young class - Brad Pitt Kazari Toyo- Ken - excellent 2
Males/intermedial class - Able Kazari Toyo- Ken-  Excellent  1 CAC
                       - Agent Kazari Toyo- Ken- Vey good 2

Females/intermedial class- Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken- Excellent 1 CAC, CACIB


19.10. Aimee Kazazi Toyo- Ken (Tabita) has national exam  ZM  (45. 48. 48)

Congratulations !!!!!

11.10. Special show KCHMPP

Males/young class- Brad Pitt (Bondy) Kazari Toyo- Ken  - Excellent 1
Females/ intermedial class- Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken (Tabita)- Excellent 1 CAC

27.9.2008 CACA der ÖKV betreuten Rassen Tulln
Bruni Kazari Toyo Ken V1 Jugendbester BOB!!!
28.9.2008 Bundessiegerausstellung IHA Tulln
Bruni Kazari Toyo Ken V1 Jugendbeste Bundesjugendsieger!

We are so happy!!!


30.8. CACIB show Mladá Boleslav- Males/ intermedial class- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- Excellent 2 res. CAC
                                                            Females/ puppy class- Clair Kazari Toyo- Ken- Very promissing 1

Expert´s son- Males/ young class- Antwerp od Dorrinky- Excellent 2


16.8. CACIB show  Bratislava- Expert´s daughter Australia od Dorrinky - Excellent 1 CAJC
17.8. CACIB show Bratislava- Australia od Dorrinky- Excellent 1 CAJC
Breeder and owner is Michaela Zùrková. Congratulations!


4.7. World show Stockholm - Junior world winner is Expert´s son - B- Benjiman !!!!! Owner of  Benjiman is Gitte Johannessen from  Norway and  breeder is  Else Selin from Sweden. Congratulations!!! We are so happy and very proud. And Expert sure too:-)


25.7. Able Kazari Toyo- Ken has HD A!!!!

28.6. CACIB Brno- male/Intermedial class- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- Ex. 1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
                                 female/Intermedial class- Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken- Ex. 1 CAC, CACIB

21.6. Club show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav-male/Intermedial class- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- Ex. 1 CAC

Expert´s puppies-  Male/puppy class- Antwerp od Dorrinky- Very promissing 1, res. BIS puppy
                                                           Ned Kelly Cidarbo- Very promissing 2
                               Female/puppy class- Australia od Dorrinky- Very promissing 1

15. 6. Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken has exam ZOP. Congratulations!

8.6. Agent Kazari Toyo- Ken has exam ZZO. Congratulations!!

1.6. Expert has exam ZPU 1

Results- First litter A- date of birth 29.12.2006- from 5 puppies- 3 Junior champions:-) Able- Junior champion of Czech republic, Armani- Junior champion of Italy, Aimee- Junior champion of Slovak republic!

Thank you very much to owners!!!

  25.5. Aimee Kazari Toyo - Ken (Tabita) with owner Regina - exam ZZO (obedience). Congratulations!!

18.5. CACIB show Bratislava- Jch. Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken (Tabita) - first time in Intermedial class- Ex. 1 CAC, CACIB, BOB. Congratulations!!! And Tabita has HD A!!!!

10.5. News photos of puppies

8.5. Agent Kazari Toyo- Ken- exam ZOP (obedience)- congratulations!!!!

28.4. New photos of puppies here

26.4. Regiinal show Mladá Boleslav- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- excellent 1, winner of class, regional winnner

19. 9. Aimee Kazari Toyo - Ken (Tabita) exam-  RH- E (95/93). Congratulations!!!!

17.4. All puppies C litter have BAER test. All are full hearing!!!!


13.4. New photos of puppies are here

3.4. Expert is PRA/CEA negative


29.3. Club show KCHMPP- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- Excellent 1 CAJC, Club young winner  a 3. place in BIS junior- male


29.3. International show Nitra (Slovak) - Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken- Excellent 1 CAJC, BOB- Finished Slovak Junior champion!!!


22.3. New photos of puppies

22.3. International show Prague- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- young class/males- Excellent 1 CAJC- finished Czech Junior champion!!!
                                                                      Agent Kazari Toyo- Ken- young class/malses- very good 3


Reddenblu´s is best kennel !!!We watch westmister dog show in USA  four years. And here are results!!!

Westminster 2005- BOB -Ch.Reddenblu´s X File Agent HT (Expert´s father), Westminter 2006 and 2007- BOB- Ch.Reddenblu´s Howdya Like Me Now (Expert´s brother-same father like our Expert), Westminter 2008- BOB Ch.Reddenblu´s Look Again (Expert´s brother- same father like Expert) Congratulations!!!!

Ch. Reddenblu´s X File Agent HT- BOB 2005       Ch. Reddenblu´s Howdya Like Me Now- BOB 2006 and 2007      Ch. Reddenblu´s Look Again- BOB 2008

29.2. Shine has seven puppies. More info and photos in Actual litter

9.2. International show Brno- males/young class- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- ex. 1 CAJC
                                                             females/young class- Aimee Kazari Tyo- Ken- ex. 1 CAJC


5.2. New photos of puppies- here

27.1. International show Trenèín (Slovak)- female/yang class- Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken- Ex. 1 CAJC and BOB!!! Her new photo is here

24.1. New photos of puppies- here

13.1. National show Olomouc- males/yang class- Able Kazari Toyo- Ken- excellent 2
                                                               females/yang class- Aimee Kazari Toyo- Ken - excellent 1

8.1. New photos of puppies- here

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